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My passion for militaria began when I was 12 years old, at my first militaria show. There, I met a dealer who gave me a WWI Black Wound badge as a gift. I promised him that I would never stop collecting.


Since then, I have been collecting original and quality militaria for almost a decade. I have also sold many pieces to other enthusiasts and collectors. I offer my expertise and an excellent range of military items, all with 100% guaranteed authenticity. My collection includes uniforms, headgear, medals, badges, photos, and paperwork.


"Josh is a reliable and trustworthy seller. I have bought many items from him over the years, and they have all been as described and in great condition. He is also very generous with his knowledge and always ready to help others in the hobby." - Ryan Snyder; Virginia, USA


I specialise in Hitler Youth and Deutsche Jungvolk, the youth organizations of Nazi Germany. I have spent countless hours researching and studying these movements, and I am always eager to learn more. I find this period of history fascinating and important, and I want to preserve it for the present and future generations. As a member of the Jewish community who lost relatives in the Holocaust, I feel a personal duty to honour my ancestors and ensure that this part of history is not forgotten.


"Josh has an impressive and selective collection of Youth items. He also has a knack for finding rare and unique pieces at reasonable prices." - Pete Hurley; Milton Keynes, UK


I live in London, so ship all items from the UK. I speak English and German, so feel free to contact me in either language. I am always looking for new items to add to my site and/or collection. If you have anything that you think might interest me, please let me know. I am open to part exchange or cash offers.


"Josh is a knowledgeable and honest guy who knows his stuff. He always has 100% original and rare items that you don't see often. I have bought from him many times and I have never been disappointed. Josh is a standout guy in the militaria world!" - Daryl Brown; North Carolina, USA


Note: this website is for historical and investment purposes only and does not represent any political view.

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